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“Our vision is to be the leading Stonemason Contractor in the Pacific NW. Building relationships along the way with everyone involved.”


Prime Stone, Inc. is a masonry Contractor. Servicing all types and scopes of masonry, including stone, brick, CMU and thin-set Paver work. Servicing both commercial and residential projects, new construction and remodel. Currently servicing the Pacific Northwest, including projects throughout Washington.


Providing professional and quality stonemason services. Making Relationships along the way.


We are the stonemason for your project. Quality craftsmanship all the time, every time.

Core Values

Honesty // Reliability // Dependability // Communication


We are committed to our community and environment.

Community: We are a strong advocate in a thriving and vibrant local community, and our pledge is to do everything we can to reinvest, buy and hire from within the local community. Always striving to contribute where we can to see strong families, strong businesses and strong communities.

Environment: We care for the environment – we pledge to minimize our paper use. As much as possible, we are going paperless in our offices, always asking, is this necessary to print? Can it be filed and passed on electronically? As well as our commitment to recycling – we will do our best to recycle everything we can as we work on your project.